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You Don’t Need More Education to Land a Job in Tech

I’ve worked in tech for 15 years and regularly get asked for advice on how to get a job: what should I study in school, what should I put on my resume, and how do I prepare for the interview?  Usually my answers are pretty plain and generic, but one person had a unique situation which made me think more to write a genuine answer.

Here’s an anonymized and shortened version of an email from a concerned parent asking for advice for their child:

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read over and consider my email.  My son Morgan is 36 years old.  As you can see by his resume Morgan took college courses and obtained his Network and Internet Security Specialist Program certificate but was never actually lucky enough for find work in the field.  He continued after that schooling working in warehouse jobs and the like.  He took  out a student loan and was never able to make payments due to minimum wage jobs.  He presently has a balance over 10,000 dollars, which I would pay if I …